Answers to your HR questions for a business resumption plan


The unprecedented health crisis has made human resources management a significant challenge for companies. New questions are emerging as businesses try to deal with a constantly changing legal and administrative situation.

risingSUD is committed to supporting your company’s development and is organizing virtual meetings dedicated to your HR challenges and issues. This service is complemented by access to an HR hotline so companies can contact our team of experts.

In times of crisis and economic development, these HR events provide expert insights and peer-to-peer exchanges to help you to identify the best solutions for your current and future needs.

During the first event, the “HR Morning” webinar, companies from across the Sud Region raised HR questions about the resumption of business activities after the confinement period. The HR expert Laure DUCOTTET  answered six key questions that touched on issues such as creating a resumption plan, maintaining part-time activities, and supporting employees as they return to work. An extract of these answers and a summary of the main issues covered at the HR Morning webinar are available in an FAQ format [in French].

The schedule of upcoming virtual HR meetings will soon be available. The meetings will take different forms to best meet your needs and expectations, including peer-to-peer exchanges to share professional experiences from the confinement and reopening periods, webinars on HR structuring for companies in times of development and crisis, and the joint development programs for companies facing similar issues.

Download the HR Morning Answers & FAQ [in French]

risingSUD contact:  Annabelle LEROY, Skills and Talents Project Manager