Expand your company internationally

risingSUD supports the Region Sud in the implementation of its international development and attractiveness strategy. Working alongside Team Sud Export, risingSUD has launched an array of services that will boost the international expansion of companies and serve as one of the main pillars of the regional economic strategy.

Priority markets for the Region Sud’s program to support the international expansion of regional companies:

  • Overseas countries: United States, Canada, China, Japan…
  • Mediterranean countries: North Africa, Israel, Italy, Spain…
  • Northern European countries: Germany, Denmark, Finland, Norway…
  • Other markets: Africa, Costa Rica…

risingSUD offers programs to help the international expansion of companies based in the Sud region. These support services are for companies of all sizes and development phases and they coordinate stakeholders working in specific locations/markets to enhance the impact of international activities.

These programs are synchronized with programs developed by the Region Sud, the French government, Business France, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry International, and the Bpifrance public investment bank. They offer customized solutions based on the company’s export or expansion development phase, such as:

  • Acceleration programs for international expansion within target markets: BootCamp, Progress, Business Starter, and Expand.
  • Joint economic development initiatives between the Region Sud and strategic international territories such as San Diego, California, or Canada.
  • Connections to the Enterprise Europe Network, which provides access to European financing and international business markets.
  • Dynamic global events such as international trade shows and trade missions, and the welcoming of foreign trade delegations.

Accelerate your company’s entry into your target country with programs adapted to your expansion or export strategy: BootCamp, Progress, Business Starter, Expand.

For companies in the initial phase of their internationalization efforts in a target market, the BootCamp program offers an accelerated discovery of a country’s business and administrative ecosystem. Start-ups and SMEs based in the Sud region can open new channels of access to markets through a total immersion program (workshops, mentoring, site visits, networking events, etc.). This program:

  • introduces managers and key staff to local business practices (pitching, fundraising, latest tech trends, marketing, sales, recruitment, subsidiary creation, etc.)
  • provides input from entrepreneurs already located in the target market
  • offers a chance to practice business pitches during a demo day event with a panel of investors, experts, and entrepreneurs

pictogramme entreprises 11 companies supported in 2018

pictogramme entreprises 12 companies supported in 2019


BootCamp: Success Stories

Kevin Kastelnik, Chief Strategy Officer, DreaminzZz, Montfavet (the Vaucluse department)

verbatim 80x80 1 “We went to the BootCamp in New York with high expectations and we were completely satisfied with the intense week of work. The different speakers covered all the main elements to consider when branching out to the US (…) The risingSUD team was great, they devoted a lot of attention to making sure everything was going well. The team at the Big Bang Factory also did a great job and created an environment to ensure we learned as much as we could in a short period of time. A big thank you to everyone for this experience and training that will help us succeed in the home of Uncle Sam.”


Valérie Roché-Melin, Secretary General, Région Sud Investissement

verbatim 80x80 1 “The collaboration between Région Sud Investissement and risingSUD for the organization of BootCamps in California and New York has been a real accelerator for the portfolio of companies that have been lucky enough to benefit from it, like Pytheas, HySiLabs, SteerFox, and Azoth Systems… These BootCamps are also a unique opportunity for our regional fund to position itself internationally and to identify potential co-investors to support the growth of companies in the Sud region.”



Adriana Peretti, International Business Unit Manager

Arnaud Blain, International Project Manager

The Progress program offers short individual coaching sessions with high added value that allow companies to move forward with the strategic aspects of their international development:

  • provides remote flash coaching (four working sessions).
  • responds to companies’ specific issues (marketing, sales, digital, financial …).
  • puts companies in contact with a network of local experts.


pictogramme entreprises 21 companies supported in 2020


Progress: Success Stories

Charlie Rousset, Co-Founder, Audiozen- Morphée (Bouches-du-Rhône)

verbatim 80x80 1 “The experts were very responsive and helped us to better understand the different strategies for setting up in the US while also connecting us with French entrepreneurs that had already launched in the American market.”


Geoffroy Willaume, Co-Founder, BuyCo (Bouches-du-Rhône)

verbatim 80x80 1 “The Big Bang Factory team had experts in different subjects who were able to provide their insights and vision, which helped us to improve our tools and methods to better approach the American market (and the international market more generally).”


Vincent Alcaniz, Cofounder, Pytheas Technology (Bouches-du-Rhône)

verbatim 80x80 1 “Thanks to the Progress USA program, in a short period of time, our main questions were answered, and we defined a more precise development framework (geographical locations, market positioning, environment, procedures, etc.). We were also able to create a suitable methodology and ready-to-use tools.”



Adriana Peretti, International Business Unit Manager

Arnaud Blain, International Project Manager

Business Starter is an individualized support program operated by Team France Export and dedicated to 10 regional companies operating in the region’s strategic sectors and targeting a specific market. The program is organized in three phases (upstream preparation, business tour or digital meetings, and post-mission follow-up). This program:

  • prepares companies for the market (economic intelligence, best practices)
  • sets a calendar of meetings with key on-site contacts to obtain short and medium-term results (commercial, partnership, technological…)
  • provides an immersion in the local entrepreneurial ecosystem (networking, acceleration, meeting with local French communities)


pictogramme entreprises 11 companies in 2018

pictogramme entreprises 22 companies in 2018


Business Starter: Success Stories

Cédric Messina, CEO of My Coach (Alpes-Maritime)

verbatim 80x80 1 “The Japan Business Starter was a great opportunity to get to know the Japanese market and to meet with key institutions and captains of industry. With the Rugby World Cup, the context was particularly favorable for My Coach as it coincided with the launch of our My Coach Rugby app. We would like to thank the CCIR and risingSUD for the organization and energy devoted to this business tour.”


Marie Tors, CEO, Graffiti (Bouches-du-Rhône)

verbatim 80x80 1 “The US market is both essential and very difficult. To have the opportunity to receive such high-quality support was invaluable to us. A huge thank you from the whole team for all the work done before, during, and, hopefully, after this California Business Starter program. Coming prepared has given us credibility and visibility.”



Adriana Peretti, International Business Unit Manager

Arnaud Blain, International Project Manager

The Expand program is a customized service that helps give a company a firm foothold in an export destination. The company is provided with four months of support from a local business developer who identifies qualified prospects and organizes a monthly program (presentation workshop, prospecting preparation, putting in touch with prospects).

This program aims to facilitate the company’s development by giving it access to the best local experts in the target destinations. The aim is to select the most established local business networks in the relevant sectors of activity.

  • Identifies and prospects future customers (precision profiling, individualized contact).
  • Provides introductions and makes appointments in cooperation with the sales teams of regional companies.
  • Offers monthly reporting on the prospects and the actions carried out.


pictogramme entreprises  7 companies supported in the United States in 2020



Adriana Peretti, International Business Unit Manager,

Arnaud Blain, International Project Manager

Benefit from the Alliance California San Diego network

This program allows companies to develop activities in niche destinations by fostering market access and economic partnerships (inter-cluster cooperation, institutional contacts).

Companies benefit from:

  • access to international markets and networks
  • customized soft-landing packages
  • specialized strategies for accessing the American market
  • workshops organized in the Sud region two times a year

The Alliance is structured around a collective of partners that bring together a diverse range of expertise and different aspects of international marketing and expansion (Provence Promotion, Team Côte d’Azur, Chamber of Commerce and Industry Var, Chamber of Commerce and Industry France International, Eurobiomed, Pôle Mer Méditerranée, Capenergies, and the Sud Region, all coordinated by risingSUD). A local partner provides contacts with business networks and facilitates business meetings.



Adriana Peretti, International Business Unit Manager

Arnaud Blain, International Project Manager

Access European financing and develop your company in international markets thanks to the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN).

The risingSUD agency manages this European Commission program for the South of France (the Sud, Occitanie, and Corse regions).

The EEN network provides support for all SMEs using single market mechanisms such as community funding and international partnerships as tools for growth.

Companies benefit from an expanded range of services offered by the entire EEN system and the 64 countries in its network:

  • consultations for international expansion, innovation, and financing
  • opportunities for business, technological, and R&D partnerships
  • visibility at the largest global tech trade fairs thanks to trade agreements
  • B2B meetings organized by the network (300 per year).
  • increased territorial attractiveness thanks to a partnership with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • all services provided free of charge


This service, which is offered in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, contributes to the continued development and promotion of the territory.



Nicolas Chehanne, Head of European Affairs


logo een rs

Benefit from the region’s participation in major global events

As part of its economic development mission, the agency organizes the presence of regional companies at international events, including major regional trade shows (CES, VivaTech, International Paris Air Show, Global Industrie, etc.).

Participation in these trade shows is coordinated with regional partners (metro area, intercommunity governments, consular networks, Team France Export, competitiveness clusters, French Tech, economic development agencies, incubators, accelerators, etc.).

risingSUD also participates in economic missions abroad and the welcoming of foreign trade delegations throughout the year.

By working with the Region Sud, you will benefit from:

  • enhanced visibility
  • communication programs boosted by the Region Sud brand
  • a collective dynamic and reduced costs for events
  • shared resources for joint programs and initiatives



Lucile Marquet, International Project Manager