Expanding the governance of risingSUD: FACING THE CRISIS TOGETHER

Visuel Elargissement Gouvernance risingSUD VA

Concentrating resources, bringing regional stakeholders together, and pursuing shared objectives so we can face this economic crisis with a united front.

As the regional economic recovery plan is being implemented, the Region Sud is also broadening the governance of risingSUD, the economic development agency for Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, by giving territories and stakeholders the opportunity to join.

By expanding the agency’s governing body from five members to more than 40 members, it will enable a better representation of territories and socio-economic stakeholders regarding the orientation and implementation of risingSUD’s strategies. This expansion project was met with enthusiasm as metro areas, local governments, regional companies, competitiveness clusters, economic development agencies, universities, and major port and airport authorities applied to be part of the governing body. Their membership was made official at risingSUD’s general assembly meeting that was held on 12 January.

risingSUD contacts: Chrystelle LAGOUANELLE, Head of Marketing & Communication Department and Virginie VIAL-ISNARD, Communication Officer