How to invest in the Sud region?

The Sud Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region is a natural location for national and international investment projects. The Sud region also offers a wide range of opportunities for local companies seeking to develop their business and expand into new markets outside of France.

Under the impetus of the Region Sud and its main metro areas, an entire support ecosystem for innovation and economic development has been implemented to help you achieve your goals.

risingSUD, the Region Sud’s economic development agency, is a key facilitator of the region’s business and innovation ecosystem. The agency is constantly working with an extensive network of local partners to ensure all of your needs are met. We are a dynamic, collaborative team that is fully dedicated to your success. Ask us for help, and we will provide you with solutions!

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The different stages of support

A range of risingSUD services


We offer comprehensive assistance that is free of charge while guaranteeing the confidentiality of your project. Our personalized support and the contacts we provide within the existing ecosystem will allow you to easily establish your project in the Sud Provence-Alpes Côte-d’Azur region and help ensure its success.

The team of international experts at risingSUD and the agency’s network of partners will assist you throughout your development project.

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After an initial consultation and analysis of your requirements, we work with our partners to provide centralized support and precise answers to your questions and requests.

We facilitate your decision process by providing information that will allow you to evaluate the benefits of setting up in the region. This includes:

  • business intelligence, including economic and territorial data
  • simulations of costs associated with setting up the project
  • identification of public subsidies and financing, and other support systems relevant to your investment
  • identification of potential partners for your project.
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After the initial analysis of your project, we will organize a customized tour so you can discover the regional ecosystem. This visit program will allow you to create initial contacts with potential technical and commercial partners.
What better way to get to know the region and its opportunities than by spending time in the field?

We will organize your visit program, including setting up B2B meetings with your future partners, introducing you to stakeholders in the regional economy, and offering you a tour of the sites that will be of particular interest.

Once your project has been established in the Sud region, we will leverage our network of partners and take advantage of marketing opportunities to support your communication efforts and promote your project. This includes organizing press conferences, issuing media releases, and creating posts on social networks (LinkedIn, Twitter).

We will also simplify your immersion into the ecosystem and boost your local networking efforts with invitations to economic, sports, and cultural events.
Finally, the risingSUD team will always be available for any questions related to your project and the development of your business.

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Premium services dedicated exclusively to the companies we support


ACCELERATE the growth of your business

risingSUD is working with the region’s innovation ecosystem to identify scale-ups and SMEs that show strong development potential in order to accelerate them and help them become future business champions


EXPAND your business internationally

risingSUD supports the Region Sud in the implementation of its international development and attractiveness strategy. Working alongside Team Sud Export, risingSUD has launched an array of services that will boost the international expansion of companies and serve as one of the main pillars of the regional economic strategy.

  • Accelerate your international expansion to target markets with programs adapted to your export strategy: BootCamp, Progress, Business Starter, and Expand.
  • Benefit from joint economic development networks created by Alliance California-San Diego or Alliance Canada
  • Get access to European financing and international business markets thanks to the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN)
  • Take advantage of the region’s dynamic calendar of international events and trade shows.

Your risingSUD contact

The Sud region: a remarkable network of stakeholders in the regional economy

Team France Invest is a national economic development initiative that includes all the public stakeholders concerned with enhancing the economic attractiveness of the Sud region. Based on a partnership governance system, Team France Invest works with economic development stakeholders to define collaborative working methods and a shared action plan. The coordination of operations in the Sud region is entrusted to risingSUD.
This means that risingSUD and its partners at Team France Invest are available to support all of your projects in the Sud region and can offer the best solutions to make your investment a success and the best services to welcome your talents.

risingSUD, the economic development agency for the Sud region, is your contact point to welcome you and answer your initial questions.

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Anne-Charlotte DEBARBIEUX

International Business Unit Manager

Tel :+33 (0)4 96 17 07 43
Cel: +33 (0)6 48 85 45 23

BAT Provence
81-83 Bd de Dunkerque
CS 30394, 13217 Marseille Cedex 02

We work in conjunction with our network of departmental and metro economic development agencies as well as a selection of top experts that we can call upon at any time to ensure your project receives the daily assistance necessary for its success.



Along with implementing the Region Sud’s business development program and support services, risingSUD is the lead representative of Business France in the Sud region. (Business France is the national agency in charge of supporting French companies abroad and international companies in France.)

We share the same ambitions for your project, and by providing you with a complete range of services and tools, we can work together to ensure your move to the territory is easy and successful.