Our sectors of excellence

Discover the eight sectors of excellence that drive the regional economy

In the Sud region, there is a concentration of economic wealth and expertise structured around eight sectors of excellence.

The sectors of excellence approach consists of creating business clusters, innovation hubs, support programs, and networks that are focused on existing economic strengths. This provides an enormous competitive advantage in the quest for innovation, growth, and employment. It also unites the stakeholders in the regional economy in the shared pursuit of a threefold ambition:

  • to launch an industrial revival
  • to support the development of smart and sustainable territories
  • to develop the well-being and lifestyle economy


These sectors are structured around groups of key economic stakeholders to better promote synergies, to enhance their visibility, and to increase their impact.

This fertile and well-structured economic environment is the ideal location for your investment or business project.

These sectors of excellence are our future, and this future is being shaped with you today!


Presentation of the regional economy and its sectors of excellence

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Together we can boost our sectors of excellence and build a better future

Each of the eight sectors of the future in the Sud Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region is the result of concerted efforts to leverage existing economic strengths in order to grow the regional economy, adapt to new challenges, and position regional companies and projects as global leaders.

The region organizes and promotes these main sectors of excellence by bringing together stakeholders and facilitating synergies that enable them to gain efficiency, visibility, and results. This regional strategy is reflected in the Operations of Interest to the Region (O.I.R.) program.

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Sectors of excellence

The people driving excellence in the region share their stories!

supersonic imagine logo

“I see the same human potential here that I saw in California in the 1970s.”

Jacques SOUQUET, Founder of SuperSonic Imagine, Aix-en-Provence

“We were looking for a new location in Europe to develop our research, find the best designers, and create an environment to stimulate and develop the artistic vision of our creators. We are convinced that we chose the perfect place here in Sophia Antipolis, which is at the heart of the development of cutting-edge technologies.”

Akihiro Wada – Vice President, Toyota Motor Corporation, Sophia Antipolis

logo RISINGSUD baseline Quadri bleu

“There are areas of the regional economy that are attracting the attention of the entire planet. What is happening in terms of smart cities, especially in Nice, is being watched by the world. Cisco did not set up here by chance. We need to accelerate this dynamic, we need to mobilize all of our efforts to keep making economic progress.”

“We are home to companies that are world leaders in their fields: CMA CGM in Marseille, Airbus Helicopters in Marignane, Naval Group in Ollioules, Thales Alenia Space and Amadeus in the Alpes-Maritimes… We also have an impressive fabric of start-ups and scale-ups compared to other territories in France, which is partly thanks to our four French Tech networks. (…). In addition, we are the land of festivals and culture…”

Bernard Kleynhoff, President of risingSUD

The Sud region in numbers

The Sud Provence Alpes-Côte d’Azur region has unparalleled economic advantages. Along with its glorious climate and natural beauty, the region is also renowned for its vibrant economy. Its sectors of excellence are the foundation of a thriving business ecosystem that will help ensure the success of your project. With its rich and varied economic landscape and its easy access to local, French, Mediterranean, European, and international markets, the Sud region is the perfect place to set up your new business.

The numbers underlying the sectors of excellence in the Sud region:

More than
5 000 000

French region
for creation of new companies

Close to
1 380 000
in the region’s private sector

€23.2 billion
in exports
by regional companies

Your risingSUD contact

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We work hand-in-hand with our network of experts and our partner departmental and metropolitan development agencies, and together we can provide you with the support and information that are necessary for the success of your project.

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