Sector of Excellence: Innovative Therapies

Innovative Therapies: A world-class ecosystem that is developing the medical solutions of the future in the Sud Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region

The regional strategic sector program dedicated to the health industry is committed to supporting stakeholders as they design and develop the therapies of the future. The sector is fostering dynamic innovation to become more competitive and to contribute to the independence of the Sud region’s healthcare system while also creating new solutions that result in better care and address the emerging health issues associated with our changing lifestyles.

The Innovative Therapies sector features a network of multi-sector stakeholders and a structured ecosystem to promote market opportunities and innovation:

  • markets: drugs/medical devices/eHealth/diagnostics
  • specialties: immunotherapy/oncology/infectiology /neurology
  • synergies with other regional strategic sectors: Smart Tech/Industries of the Future/Silver Economy
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The sector in a few key numbers

€18 billion
in annual turnover

€3.3 billion
in investments

#2 French region
for new patents

#2 French region
for clinical trials

41 000

170 000

170 laboratories
for health research

Innovations in the Innovative Therapies sector

Innovation is at the heart of the sector and the driving motivation for its stakeholders. The regional sector features a concentration of global academic excellence and expertise in biotechnology, medical devices, diagnostics, and services at every stage of the healthcare development chain. This combination leads to medical breakthroughs and new solutions for the healthcare of the future. There is a strong network of regional projects and organizations dedicated to supporting innovation.

The Eurobiomed competitiveness cluster is at the heart of the sector’s innovation in biotechnologies. It supports emerging health products and services while accelerating the development of companies in the cluster and its territories. Eurobiomed is a bi-regional cluster covering the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur and Languedoc Roussillon regions.



Marseille Immunopôle (MI) is the leading French immunology cluster, and it brings together a unique continuum of excellence from target identification to clinical development for new drugs.

Marseille Immunopôle (MI)

The Pôle Services à la Personne personal services cluster brings together healthcare, social, medico-social, and home care organizations to build a care and home services system that is based on cooperation and coordination between different stakeholders. The cluster aims to foster the growth and innovation of organizations while creating and consolidating employment.

Pôle Services à la Personne


The dynamic range of stakeholders involved in the Innovative Therapies strategic sector are participating in the emergence of large-scale projects in the region. Among the many groundbreaking projects:


The eMi-Labs project develops and operates dedicated laboratories, infrastructure, and co-working spaces for companies that are in their pre-industrial stage and have a European scope.

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Marseille Immunopôle with the CIPHE (Centre for Immunophennomics) and MImAbs (immunotechnologies platform)

Dedicated sites:


A network of essential stakeholders in the Sud region

In addition to the wealth of competitiveness clusters, hubs, and large-scale projects in the Sud region, there are other important stakeholders that foster development and innovation in the Innovative Therapies sector, among them:

SATT Sud Est, Incubateur Impulse, Protisvalor, Incubateur Est, Grand Luminy Technopôle

This map shows a selection of the organizations, projects, platforms, business parks, and institutions that are essential for the Innovative Therapies sector in the Sud Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region.

thérapies innovantes

Major companies in the Innovative Therapies sector

The Sud region is home to a complete research and innovation ecosystem dedicated to the Innovative Therapies sector. There is a diverse array of leading companies, and you can find potential partners and dedicated infrastructure among them.

SMEs and start-ups: Abreos Biosciences, Anapix Medical, Balmes Transplantation, Canceropôle, ImCheck Therapeutics, Laboratoires Genevrier, Marseille Immunopôle, Nuvisan Pharma Services, PhysioAssist, Virbac,…

But also global leaders or companies in strong growth phases: Alphabio, Biotech Dental, Veracyte, Immunotech / Beckman Coulter, Innate Pharma, Modul-Bio, PMB Alcen, Provence Technologies, Provepharm, SuperSonic Imagine, TherAchon, Vect-Horus, Neuroservice, Sangamo Therapeutics,…

The Innovative Therapies sector, in their words!

“Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur is a highly attractive region for its scientific research, financial support, and large collaborative ecosystem.”
Bradley Messmer, Abreos Biosciences, start-up from San Diego, California, that opened in Marseille


“The South of France was the most dynamic place to create my company for several reasons: extensive support, financial aid, a hub based on relevant specialties (immunology, oncology, neuroscience, and rare diseases), and a unique and accessible ecosystem to set up the project.”
Neuroservice, an Aix-based company with offices in San Diego, California

“We are a company that has grown from 75 to 200 employees in four years. This shows that the regional fabric allows us to create great things and that we can be very competitive internationally when we are based in the region.”
Vincent Fert, CEO, VERACYTE, Marseille


“This city has all the advantages of San Diego: a cancer center, a renowned university, and numerous laboratories. As for the Mediterranean climate, it rivals what we have in California.”
Bradley Messmer, Abreos Biosciences, start-up from San Diego, California, that opened in Marseille

“We began setting up the laboratory in Grasse in March 2015 when we found an ideal location in the department to facilitate the provision of our services but also the arrival of our customers.”
François Balavoine, Eurofins, Luxembourg

Eurofins logo

The major recurring events related to the Innovative Therapies sector in the Sud region

The regional health ecosystem hosts a selection of major events (trade fairs, symposiums, conventions, international meetings) that contribute to the sector’s development and offer a range of opportunities to regional companies.

Biofit is the leading event in Europe for technology transfer in the biotech and innovative therapies sectors.
Date: November 2022
Location: Marseille


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The Action Alliance is a multi-year partnership between the Sud region and San Diego to promote companies and accelerate exports in the two territories. These partnership actions, which benefit the development of Sud region companies in the United States and American start-ups seeking to establish themselves in the Sud region, are operated by groups of public and private economic development stakeholders from both sides of the Atlantic.

In the Sud region, risingSUD is the contact for the Action Alliance.

Selection of documentation about the sector

A wide variety of support documents are available to provide information and help promote this sector. We propose a selection of the most informative documents so you can discover the richness of the Innovative Therapies ecosystem.

Sector Brochure

A general summary of the sector that is appropriate for any type of event. Four pages, in French and in English.


An economic overview of the Innovative Therapies strategic sector (key figures, business networks, major contractors and companies, main assets of the territory …). Document of more than 80 pages, in French.


Comparison of the regional sector with other French or international regions of comparable size and/or comparable sector of activity. Document of 55 pages, in French.


Presentation of the Innovative Therapies strategic sector. Document of more than 35 pages, in French and English.

Visit Program

Listing of the major projects, clusters, and iconic sites connected to this sector. This document illustrates some of the most important places in this sector and provides you with a comprehensive overview that will give you a clearer idea of some of the region’s assets. Document of more than 30 pages, in French and English.

Innovation Podcast

Topic: AI & health care


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  • Amar Bouali, 3IA Côte d’Azur
  • Denis Bastiment, MyDataModels