Sector of Excellence: Silver Economy

The Silver Economy in the Sud region, the #1 silver region in Europe!

This strategic sector program brings together private and public stakeholders in the Silver Economy to enhance the sector’s economic attractiveness, develop partnerships, and create employment across the region. These efforts are part of the shared objective of improving services and expanding activities that benefit seniors so they can enjoy a better quality of life and a longer, healthier life expectancy. The overarching goal is to develop a cross-sector ecosystem that:

  • serves people aged 60 and older
  • fosters quality aging for people
  • offers dedicated and innovative products and services

The concentration of entrepreneurial excellence in this sector in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur has produced a dynamic expansion of the silver economy in markets such as:

  • preventive health care
  • adapted, progressive, and connected housing
  • home support / independent living
  • adapted physical activities
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The sector in a few key numbers

The region’s rich, diverse, and robust Silver Economy ecosystem encourages new start-ups and attracts existing companies. Here are a few important statistics:

900 million
people over 60 years old
in the world in 2013,
2 billion in 2050

15 million
people in France
over 60 years old in 2020,
30 million in 2030

companies and more than
82 000
jobs in the region

silver region
in Europe

Average growth
more than 5 %
per year

Innovations in the Silver Economy

The competitiveness clusters and hubs operating in the Sud region’s Silver Economy feature world-renowned expertise and are key motors for growth and innovation. Thanks to their networks in the region, across France, and around the world, they will be able to assist you with your project and ensure it meets all its goals.

The Pôle Services à la Personne Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur personal services cluster is unique in France. Since 2007, the cluster has been bringing together health, social, medico-social, and personal services organizations to build a care and home services system that is based on cooperation and coordination between different stakeholders. As a hub for expertise in homecare services and the Silver Economy in the Sud region, the cluster aims to foster growth and innovation in organizations, create and consolidate employment, and improve the services for the regional ecosystem and its members.

Pôle Services à la Personne


Eurobiomed is the competitiveness cluster for healthtech in the South of France. Created in 2009 by all the health sector stakeholders in the Sud Provence-Alpes-Côte D’Azur and Occitania regions, Eurobiomed represents an ecosystem of more than 400 industrial companies, major groups, SMEs, start-ups, research laboratories, and universities. This network works together to develop and market innovative products and services and generate growth and jobs in high-growth markets.


The mission of Gérontopôle Sud is to provide support on all issues relating to the elderly and their families, such as preventive medicine, healthcare, social services professional training, and the development of the Silver Economy.



The Secured Communicating Solutions (SCS) competitiveness cluster is Europe’s leading ecosystem for microelectronics, Internet of Things, digital security, artificial intelligence, and Big Data technologies. The cluster brings together a leading ecosystem of more than 320 industrial stakeholders, large corporations, SMEs, start-ups, research centers, laboratories, and universities.

Pôle SCS

Innov’Alliance supports innovation and growth for regional companies in the agricultural, well-being, and natural living sectors. It focuses on sustainable agriculture, advanced agricultural technologies, and more virtuous agricultural production processes.



The diverse array of stakeholders involved in the Silver Economy strategic sector are contributing to the emergence of large-scale projects across the region. Examples of some of the emblematic projects in the Silver Economy sector:


The Cheval Blanc collective, inclusive, and connected housing complex is a project to develop 22 test homes that will provide technological and digital services to meet three areas of needs: i) connected housing (safety, comfort, and risk prevention); ii) interactive communication (local events, serious games); iii) eco-responsible mobility (provision of shared vehicles).

Project leaders: Groupe ARCADE, ADMR, Cheval Blanc Town Hall

More information: Vaucluse Provence Attractivité

The Grand Méridia / nursing home of the future project is developing an innovative model for a multi-accommodation center for senior citizens to enable the City of Nice to offer improved care for the elderly. This includes technological innovations integrated into the building to facilitate quality aging, intergenerational connections, and shared spaces.
Project Leaders: CCAS Ville de Nice

More information:

img EHPAD du Futur

The Tech4ActiveAgeing demonstrator facilitates projects through the Active Aging 2.0 Network run by Aix-Marseille University’s Institute of Movement Sciences and AG2R-La Mondiale. The project uses innovative technologies and solutions to address the effects of aging and provide opportunities for improved aging.

Project Leaders: Aix-Marseille University / Institute of Movement Sciences


The iconic sites

In addition to the wealth of competitiveness clusters, hubs, and large-scale projects in the Sud region, there are other important stakeholders that foster development and innovation in the Silver Economy sector:

img HeLiiX

The Health & Longevity Institute for Innovation & eXperimentation (HeLiiX) is developing a shared platform that brings together cutting-edge technologies and global experts. The goal is to provide academic and industrial partners with a privileged, open space for exchanges and networking in the context of innovative collaborations in the health sector.

CIUS is a center that works to accelerate and disseminate innovations in healthcare, including solutions for independence, well-being, and quality aging. CIUS brings together healthcare professionals, researchers, project leaders (start-ups, SMEs, and large companies), and end-users to work together on innovative projects and provides them with expertise and resources to innovate together.



The Institut Claude Pompidou (ICP) is the result of a partnership between the Nice CHU university hospital and the Fondation Pompidou, which have joined forces to provide concrete and innovative answers to the problems posed by Alzheimer’s disease and related conditions. The ICP aims to be a benchmark facility for Alzheimer’s disease prevention, and it works on all three tiers of prevention and treatment: primary, secondary, and tertiary.

Institut Claude Pompidou

The Silvermed Institute research institute is a non-profit association specialized in innovation and the use of technology to assess and improve care for the elderly population. It is a place to experiment and to evaluate services, prototypes, and innovative devices in a hospital environment.

Institut Silvermed

imgLiving Lab

The Living Lab for health and autonomy is an open, cross-disciplinary space dedicated to innovation. The living lab’s vocation is to create new products and services to contribute to the territory’s strategy to become a benchmark for quality and healthy living. These facilities will make it possible to support seniors living in their own homes for as long as possible and develop a new range of services and solutions in preventive healthcare.

Living Lab

A network of essential stakeholders in the Sud region

This map shows a selection of the organizations, projects, platforms, business parks, and institutions that are essential for the Silver Economy sector in the Sud Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region.

silver economie

Major companies in the Silver Economy

The Sud region is home to a complete research and innovation ecosystem dedicated to the Silver Economy. There is a diverse array of companies and you can find potential partners and dedicated infrastructure among them: ADMR, AG2R La Mondiale, Arcade, Carsat Sud-Est, ExoStim, Korian, La Poste, Merci Victor!, Myautonomie, Oui Care, Schneider Electric, Senioriales, Vanikoro, VA2CS.

Among the other SMEs, rising stars, and start-ups located across the region are: Domino Family, ExactCure, ExoStim, InfiniConnect, Mon Emile, Sensoria Analytics, Silver At Home, SmartEar…

The Silver Economy, in their words!

“Our incident-detection system for seniors will soon be marketed on the other side of the Atlantic. This is a great achievement for Creative 2S, and it has been made possible by the entrepreneurs’ task force, risingSUD, and the Silver Economy OIR!”
Ramzi Larbi,  Director General, Creative 2S, Saint-Raphaël


“Marseille was an obvious choice. The city is a hub for both sea and air transport of our products. Our decision was guided by the daily direct flights to Tel Aviv, the presence of a large commercial port, not to mention the quality of life.”
Shaul Eitan, CEO of Avoset, Israeli manufacturer of smart intravenous infusion systems, Tel Aviv

“The reason why Domino Services decided to become part of the regional Silver Economy and to expand to four departments in the Sud region is that it is essential to be well-rooted in a territory and have deep connections with communities when you are involved in labor-intensive professions. Moreover, at a time when medico-social coordination has become a major issue, the Sud region has a full Silver Economy ecosystem that is committed to quality home care for the elderly.”
Sebastien Prudhomme, CEO, Domino Services, Marseille


The major recurring events related to the Silver Economy in the Sud region

The Sud region either hosts or supports a wide range of trade shows to help boost and develop the Silver Economy. A few examples of the events:

The Mois de la Silver Economie, or “Silver Economy Month”, is a dynamic event held within the framework of the Silver Economy strategic sector program and the specialized Campus des Métiers et des Qualifications training center. With support from the regional board of education and the Region Sud in partnership with the Pôle Services à la Personne personal services cluster, the event supports the development of networks and the sharing of information between stakeholders in the Silver Economy sector.

Dates: 12 November – 12 December 2021 (further dates TBA)

Mois de la Silver Economie


AgeingFit is an event aimed at boosting innovation in the silver economy and healthcare sectors. It allows for the promotion of innovative products and services for the senior market, creates connections with other stakeholders in the silver economy, and fosters partnerships with financing structures. It is also an opportunity to source innovative technologies and products, pursue exchanges between SMEs and major private and public corporations, and evaluate innovative products or services before they are put on the market.

Dates: 1 and 2 March 2022


Whether it’s R&D, Design for All in ICT, new technologies, new services, architecture, distribution, or marketing, the SilverEco Festival embraces all of the innovation in the Silver Economy. There is a diverse, dynamic, and innovative ecosystem of stakeholders in the sector and their commitment to job creation and quality aging are testimony to the economic opportunities of the demographic transition. As part of the SilverEco Festival, the SilverNight event will be held at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes.

Date: 10 to 14 December 2021
Location: Cannes, France

Silver Night

Silver night

Selection of documentation about the sector

A wide variety of support documents are available to provide information and help promote this sector. We propose a selection of the most informative documents so you can discover the richness of the Silver Economy ecosystem.

Sector Brochure

A general summary of the sector that is appropriate for any type of event. Four pages, in French and in English.


Presentation of the Natural Living strategic sector. Document of close to 35 pages, in French and English.


An economic overview of the Silver Economy strategic sector (key figures, business networks, major contractors and companies, main assets of the territory …). Document of more than 70 pages, in French.


Comparison of the regional sector with other French or international regions of comparable size and/or comparable sector of activity. Document of close to 50 pages, in French.

Visit Program

Listing of the major projects, clusters, and iconic sites connected to this sector. This document illustrates some of the most important places in this sector and provides you with a comprehensive overview that will give you a clearer idea of some of the region’s assets. Document close to 40 pages, in French and English.