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Dear partners,

«Before applauding the 2019 results and the commitment of our agency and its passionate business development teams, I would first like to take stock of the extremely worrying situation that we are all experiencing.

This health crisis is now turning into an economic crisis, the consequences of which are still difficult to measure. Along with Mr. Muselier [President of the Region Sud], I often say that “we are the community for companies.” The services of the regional government, the regional chamber of commerce, and the risingSUD economic development agency have been mobilized alongside the French national government to support measures that are essential to preserve the regional business ecosystem and to deploy the regional recovery plan. And these measures are numerous: I can cite the emergency plan for businesses, which represents a €70-million fund, or the €47 million in direct aid from the Region to support businesses, or our commitment to pay our contractors within 21 days, or the elimination of late-payment penalties for companies affected by the crisis, or the creation of the “COVID Résistance” fund, which was initially endowed with €20 million from the Region Sud and the Banque des Territoires. We are working with all our partners to create the best possible response to this crisis, and our efforts will result in an extremely robust recovery plan with a business development strategy, specialized support services, and a strengthened commitment to our strategic sectors.

Amid this economic storm, we can count on our agency’s 40 employees and its CEO. They have just completed a prosperous 2019, and, more than ever, they are committed to accelerating our companies and enriching our communities. Today, in the face of this crisis of unprecedented magnitude, our mission is to provide even greater support for the economic development of our territories and the preservation of our businesses!”

Bernard DEFLESSELLES, President of risingSUD, Regional Councilor and Member of the National Assembly for the Bouches-du-Rhône

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« The year 2019 was an exceptional year for risingSUD. The agency’s ambition, its roadmap, and even its name have all evolved. The results live up to our ambition as the agency accelerated 25 major structural projects, provided international support to 197 companies, helped 28 businesses that are on track to become mid-market companies, and assisted 39 companies in their innovation processes. risingSUD has also strengthened its support services for international investors, who are increasingly choosing our region: 97 incoming investment projects were announced in 2019.

The agency has continued to develop, and I would like to thank each of our many partners, all of whom are essential players in this collective success. More than ever, risingSUD is equipped to support our companies and communities as the economic recovery begins. »

Jean-François ROYER, CEO of risingSUD

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