Two new Business Starters: USA & Japan!


On Monday, September 16th, the Region Sud and Team France Export are officially launching two new Business Starter programs for Japan and the US. These Business Starters provide tailored support for innovative start-ups seeking to accelerate their development in the Japanese and American markets.

With the support of the risingSUD economic development agency and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, the Region Sud is also organizing a regional economic mission to Japan from October 9 to 13 as a way to continue its promotion of the territory and to help enhance the reputation of regional companies working in sectors such as renewable energy, health, sport, and creative industries. The objective is also to help attract more Japanese investors to the region.

Led by Renaud MUSELIER, the president of the Region Sud, this delegation includes ten companies working in the Smart Tech, Smart City, lifestyle, energy, sport, and environment sectors. Accompanied by the Eurobiomed cluster, they will attend BioJapan, Asia’s top event for the biotech industry, and they will also join discussions regarding the 2024 Olympic Games in France.

Within the framework of the Alliance program, another economic mission will visit San Francisco and San Diego from November 11 to 15. This mission will be led by Bernard DEFLESSELLES, the president of risingSUD, a member of the National Assembly, and a regional councilor.

The trade mission aims to further develop economic ties between the Region Sud and California, specifically in the health, Blue Economy, energy, and tech sectors. The delegation includes 12 companies from the region along with the Eurobiomed, Mer, and Capenergies clusters. It will seek new possibilities for tech and industrial collaboration and will celebrate the privileged partnership that has already been established between the City of San Diego and the Region Sud.


Adriana PERETTI, Senior International Project Manager

Arnaud BLAIN, International Project Manager