Who We Are

risingSUD is the economic development agency for the Sud region in the South of France. It was founded in 2014 by the regional government, the French national government, the Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Banque des Territoires public investment bank, and the Bpifrance public investment bank.


Member of National Assembly
Regional Councillor

Jean-François ROYER

Director General

risingSUD: a new SUD is ascending…

risingSUD was created in conjunction with new regional economic policies that aim to stimulate business growth and create new jobs.

The agency is at the forefront of the Sud Region’s strategy to develop and enhance 8 key economic sectors through the OIR (Operations of Interest to the Region) program. risingSud mobilizes regional expertise and fosters innovation in order to further develop these sectors that are so vital to the economy.


The agency’s objective is to accelerate growth and create opportunities.


  • Helping regional companies expand
  • Developing international markets for regional companies


  • Implementing the O.I.R. key sector program
  • Generating investment opportunities across the Sud region

risingSUD fulfils its leadership role by coordinating the different economic, institutional, and academic actors in the regional ecosystem. The agency’s success is rooted in its ability to provide a bridge between the diverse array of decision-makers and to facilitate transactions and negotiations. More than ever, dynamic and intelligent collaboration remains the best way to move the Sud region forward and risingSud plays a vital role in this collaboration by developing support programs and implementing high-profile and high-impact initiatives.

The team to accelerate your development in the Sud region!

A focus on your needs, a commitment to your success, an unwavering support for your projects: this is the mission of risingSud.

The agency features 42 top experts with specialized, multi-disciplinary skills in a range of areas such as financing, human resources, project development, marketing, communication, and economic intelligence. risingSUD’s elite team has a broad range of international experience and can provide support in multiple languages.

Thanks to their savoir faire and their knowledge of the economic landscape, the agency’s experts can:

  • provide insight and support to help accelerate companies during their growth phase
  • prepare companies for their international development and expansion
  • attract investors and talents and help them set up in the region
  • facilitate the progress of major structural projects
  • conduct economic intelligence research
  • create territorial marketing programs that will make the region more attractive
  • promote the regional economy through targeted communication initiatives
  • cultivate and mobilize professional networks

Shared governance to reflect
the diversity of the territory

The G.E.S. (Strategic Expertise Group)

The main economic development vehicle for regional business leaders

The G.E.S. is at the center of the economic development equation in the Sud region. The G.E.S. is managed by the risingSUD agency and provides an advisory service to the regional executive. Composed of approximately 30 business leaders from emblematic companies, the G.E.S. represents both the 8 key sectors and the diverse network of regional companies that forms the economic fabric in the Sud region. The structure’s principal mission is to support the Sud Region in the implementation of its economic development strategy and to ensure this strategy meets the concrete needs of regional businesses and companies.

A dynamic ecosystem to support businesses and economic projects

Economic development agencies, competitiveness clusters, French Tech, foreign consulates, incubators and innovation platforms, city and inter-city governments, major structural projects… working together to support major corporations, SMEs, and start-ups!