Toward the Industry of the Future

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What is it?

Co-funded by the Region Sud, Parcours Sud Industrie 4.0 offers a complete support program to help regional industrial companies transform their production facilities and tools: industrial and energy performance diagnosis, drafting of a transformation roadmap, search for financing and investment grants, and much more.


What are the business advantages?

In line with the Region Sud's ambitious plan to meet the COP environmental goals and stay one step ahead of climate change, in 2023 Parcours Sud Industrie 4.0 has become Parcours Sud Industrie 4.0 Carbone and includes the challenges of decarbonizing and improving the energy efficiency of production and transformation processes.

  • Participate in a program that federates the regional ecosystem’s industrial stakeholders  

  • Benefit from a strategic diagnosis of how your company can move towards the Industry of the Future and meet its environmental and energy goals

  • Receive support in launching the priority measures for your company's transformation

  • Apply for investment support from the Region Sud

companies supported

in this program by risingSUD since 2019

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Axel De Charentenay
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Toward the Circular Economy

With the Up2Circ initiative, risingSUD is supporting regional industrial companies in the adoption of circular business models, products, and innovation processes

What is it?

Our agency has been selected by the European Commission to deploy the Up2Circ project in the South of France and to support companies that aim to increase their resilience and competitiveness through sustainable business models.

This project is funded by the European Commission's Horizon Europe program, and is being implemented with six other European partners: Camera di commercio di Torino in Italy, Tutech Innovation in Germany, Tartu Science Park in Estonia, Lubelska Fundacja Rozwoju in Poland, JIC in Czech Republic, and FUNDECYT-PCTEX in Spain. 

What are the advantages?

Between January 2023 and December 2026, risingSUD will launch multiple initiatives to support businesses in the South of France:

  • Training programs to learn about the opportunities offered by the circular economy

  • Support to develop an action plans 

  • European funding to prepare the implementation of a high priority projects (studies, proof of concept...)


Learn more and apply by clicking here!


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Toward Decarbonization

Mission Carb0 is an ambitious three-year European Union project. It aims to support the decarbonization of industrial companies in order to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, in line with the European Union's commitments on climate change. Financed by the ALCOTRA France Italy program and coordinated by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Nice Cote d'Azur, it brings together 10 French and Italian partners that operate in the region around the France-Italy border, including risingSUD.

What is it?

Mission Carb0 aims to establish a methodology and a digital tool for assessing CO2 emissions for industrial companies. This software package will be integrated into a comprehensive support service tested with 80 companies in French and Italian cross-border regions, including the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region.



supported in 3 years

What are the advantages?

  • A program dedicated to small and medium-sized industrial companies. While the decarbonization of the industrial sector is inevitable, SMEs are often an afterthought and are provided few resources to prepare for the transformation. risingSUD, with the support of the Région Sud, is therefore offering small- and medium-sized regional industrial companies a program dedicated to decarbonization, which will be a complement to the existing Parcours Sud Industrie 4.0 Carbone program.
  • This support is fully covered by European funding.

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